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I started running barefoot because I didn’t own running shoes and I wanted to run. I wanted to run because I wanted to quit smoking. I wanted to quit smoking because it was bad for me. See the progression here?

I ran alone for a long time, enjoying running. When I ventured out onto the sidewalks I finally ended up going shoe shopping, but there was nothing there for me. All the shoes were very heavy and clunky in comparison to my feet.

When I finally realized there was a running community out there (thank you facebook!) I signed up for a race. I started running in daylight hours vs. 4am. People saw my feet. Bare. On the ground. Running. Apparently I was running this way because of a book that I hadn’t heard of or read. I was a hippie. I was part of a fad. I hated people who wore shoes.

To say I was confused was an understatement. On facebook suddenly I was friended by multiple people with barefeet and even hit on by creepy men who had barefoot fetishes. I learned that indeed the barefoot community DID hate people who wear shoes…though they themselves wore shoes called “minimal shoes” and “barefoot shoes” and “five finger shoes”. I thank them for helping me find shoes as these minimal shoes are absolutely a joy to run in!

I became a barefooter who transitioned into shoes. That was work. I went through shoe after shoe after shoe…it was expensive. Every-time I thought I found “the shoe”  something would go wrong.  I’m pretty sure I attempted nearly every minimal shoe out there.

Currently on trails I run in Merrell Pace Gloves for short distances. I own 5 pairs in black, lavender, and bright yellow. For long distances I use Altra Loan Peak 1.5 shoes. They are AMAZING. I just got my second pair after putting just over 1,000 miles on my first.  My road shoes? When I run over 10K distances I wear Altra Intuitions. I love them. LOVE THEM. At first they were too heavy and squishy. After I got used to having a little bit of cushion, they became dream rides for longer distances. They are my go-to distance shoes. I recently acquired the Altra Olympus (HOLY SQUISH) which I’ll start training in soon for use in my upcoming 50 miler.  For shorter road distances, I still hop around. I wear Saucony Hattori’s for 5K and under. I used to wear them for longer distances but broke my foot and they were relegated to the bike/elliptical circuit for quite some time. I own 6 pair so they do get used at least. Sketcher Go Run2- these are new to the rotation and recently participated in a 10K and a few training runs. They’re light weight and not too squishy (with the inserts removed). I’ve decided they are going to by my 5K shoes for now. NB Minimus Road. I could take ’em or leave ’em but they are OK on the road for shorter distances. Sometimes I think my feet would work better at the 5K/10K distance but whatever. I guess I’m still looking for the magic road shoe. I have plenty of ‘didn’t work’ toss outs. I’ll keep looking or just pick up another style of Altra’s I suppose.

I’m a runner. I’m a runner who happens to have epilepsy so sometimes that creeps into my blog. I’m also a runner who likes trying new things. Welcome to my world. Enjoy your stay!

You can read about my start into the world of running in Women’s Running Magazine at this Link: Women Who Move-Sarah DuCloux-Potter


13 thoughts on “Learn about Me

  1. Have you tried Xero Shoes (huaraches)? I run barefoot on the streets but maybe will use these for trails. They are surprisingly secure and comfortable and so very light! My 5-fingers now feel like lead weights to me, good in the snow, perhaps. My running footwear progression was opposite yours: from standard Nikes to Vibrams to nothing. When I must wear fully enclosed sneakers (like for fencing) I use Vivo Barefoots.

    I look forward to your interview with Caity!

    • I did try a few types of sandles, tie sandles and even tevo zilches. I hate things between my toes because I like my toes being free’d up.
      I actually just did a trail race using the altra loan peak 1.5’s and was so impressed with them. I’m so used to my pace gloves that I thought they’d be over bearing but they were flexible and yet gave just what I needed. I ended up having my feet be the only thing that didn’t hurt after the race. Very nice!
      I’m glad you’re finding what works for you!

      • My wife LOVES her Trail Gloves! I hate the toe thong too and tie the huaraches so my toes are completely free. So far so good, but I do wonder if the cords will chafe after 10 miles of uneven terrain at a brisk pace. For just walking around they are perfect. I plan to hang them off a belt loop with a mini carabiner to have them handy if a hike gets too rocky or full of hostile vegetation.

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