50 Miles – Preparation

I haven’t posted in a while. No excuse really. I’ve run a few races…I’ve tried some new stuff and carried on with some old stuff.  I’ve learned things that I could share. I’ve just been lazy on the blog! I apologize.

Tomorrow I pack for my first 50 mile race and on Thursday my hubby and I will hop into the limovan and drive 16 hours to West Yellowstone where the pre-race stuff takes place.

Let’s take a look at the physical part of “ready.”
I’m heading into YT50 in a similar physical state as I headed into Icebox 480. The distance is new and the preparation is, well, shoddy.
My weekly mileage has been about 15-30 miles with long runs ranging from 10-14 miles. I DID manage to do a trail marathon and a 20 mile long run in the past month as well as three runs of 10/15/10 in a row.  For me this is GOOD.   Recovery post marathon and 20 miles? I rebounded to normal the next day.
Before the Icebox (and even Chippewa) experiences, I would say that I had no chance at YT50.  While the outcome is guarded due to the new distance, I know that I am stubborn.  Unless something busts, I WILL FINISH THIS RACE.

Preparation for YT50 has been pretty mental. I’ve been picking up motivational quotes, funny quips, reasons NOT to quit, things to cycle through my head.  I picked a good race to run as the scenery will be beautiful and I plan smack the negativity out of myself and reach for the sheer thankfulness for the opportunity to run 50 miles with such a gorgeous view.

10 miles from the finish!

10 miles from the finish!

What gear/food/aid am I using?
YT50 has aid stations approximately every 10 miles, some of which only have water/heed.  I use the “just get to the next aid station” strategy and 10 miles is pretty long, especially when there isn’t anything there to get to! Luckily my hubby has agreed to be a portable aid station (he’s amazing isn’t he?!)  I’ll have an aid station approximately every 5 miles on the course versus every 10.

Nathan Vaporshape – to carry water and supplies
SPOT Gen3 tracker – so mom, daughter and friends can track me back home
Camera- to take pictures of the pretty stuff
Blister kit (sterilized needle, blister Band-Aids, duct tape)
Trail Toes (lube!)
Headlamp, tail lamp, reflective vest (required)
Bear spray (required)

Bear spray?!

Bear spray?!

Electro-bites (salty-vanilla) – these are amazing, if you haven’t tried them then get on it.
Hammer gel (Banana)
S-caps (hopefully won’t need with the electro-bites)
PB/J on white (in the portable aid station!)
Vanilla wafers (in the portable aid station!)
Chicken broth (portable aid station!)
Bananas (portable aid station!)

CLOTHES—tough, lots of temperature changes…
Long sleeve
Short sleeve
Wind/rain coat
Altra Intuition and Lone Peak Shoes

I don’t really have one other than to run slow, eat/drink every 40 minutes, enjoy the scenery and not quit.  I’ll let you know how that works.

How can I NOT love running with this view?

How can I NOT love running with this view?


Finish smiling. Experience and learn.

I’ll add a link to my spot once I get it live. Live tracking will also be available on the Yellowstone-Teton Facebook page:  Yellowstone Teton Races

I leave you with this final thought (from the interwebs):



11 thoughts on “50 Miles – Preparation

  1. Wow — good luck and congrats for taking on this distance and challenge. I’m contemplating a long trail run next year and don’t quite think it’s possible, but it’s always fun to live vicariously through adventurous people like you who strive for even greater distances 🙂 I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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