Problem = Solved

I stared hard at Ms. Garmin’s data last night. It was amusing. It was frustrating. I squinted attempting to change the results but it didn’t quite work. The truth was in front of me and I couldn’t really change it.

Devils Lake Dances with Dirt 50K is scheduled for July 12. This race isn’t really a chump race. It involves a start of skittering up a black diamond ski hill, then shuffling into a poison ivy, bug laden course with the beginning being an uphill trek (after the ski hill no less). It sounds like once you get to the top it’s gorgeous so well worth the climb. The nice hot, muggy weather ensures this will be a glorious challenge. I love it! It’s why I signed up.

What’s the problem?


That blasted Garmin Data. OK, I didn’t really need to look. I already knew. I mean…it’s MY data right? I’m the one who made the data.  Since my ‘out of boot’ experience…I’ve run 19 miles. My longest run has been…7 miles.  After that 7 miler, I took 7 days off.  YIKES.  I would say I had 7 seizures but really, I had 4 or 5 + 1 fainting spell.  Yeah, it’s been a rough month.  Ms. Garmin says “HEY! SARAH! Perhaps, you should rethink this 50k huh?”

I’ve been going back and forth with myself about Dances for some time.

“You can do this, you wuss! You did IceBox on 15 miles! SUCK IT UP”

“IceBox was in cool weather, had milder hills, and I was doing half’s EVERY WEEKEND”

“SO?! What are you saying? That you’re a chump? Stop making excuses loser”

“Poison ivy sucks”

“When have you been afraid of ANYTHING?”

“OMG INJURY! I’VE HAD ENOUGH of being sidelined”


See?! I’m driving myself insane. Seriously.


Yesterday, after my 7 day hiatus from running (that was due to a rather wicked infection in my leg that then led to a lovely slew of seizures) I took to the trail for a run.

I RAN. How lovely it was to run. I ran the first two miles slow. I ran the third mile hard and then I ran home. Getting home is all uphill. I was exhausted after four miles. Seriously.

I bet you want to know where all this is going? Am I just writing all this to tell you I’m chumping out of Dances with Dirt?

Not really. I found a medium ground. Luckily this race has an option to “downgrade”

Dances with Dirt has a 50 mile, 50K, Marathon, Half Marathon and Extreme 10k.

I can’t bring myself to only do a 10k- even if it’s running up a ski hill (Extreme 10K).

I’m going to move my registration into the Half Marathon which sounds like a challenge with my current condition.

The half gains 1,870 feet of elevation. Considering in the past couple months I’ve run up maybe 250 feet, this will be hard.  The beginning of the half runs uphill for about 2 miles and has the beautiful view I wanted from the 50K (YAY!). After that it apparently rolls up and down through the rest of the course with an amazingly steep downhill drop to the finish.  Same poison ivy, same bugs—just a much shorter run, and misses a lot of the course (obviously).  I’m just not fit right now for the full shabang so this will have to do and will likely feel similar according to my current fitness.  Either way—I’m excited and it feels GOOD to be excited again as I’ve been a little down and out.



THERE YOU HAVE IT. Another brain dump by me. Carry on!




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