Good Bad Good Oh Heck, I Don’t KNOW!

I’ve always admitted to being odd. My follow up to the ortho to check on the status of my foot proved to be no different than most visits I make to professionals in the medical industry. It included wrinkled foreheads and question marks along with a referral to a specialist. I didn’t bat an eye. I’ve been here before.


Now you’re puzzled to aren’t you? It’s OK. That’s my job!

Let me back up a bit and iron things out a bit. I promise to leave you as baffled as I began. I was born on a snowy day in mid-November…JUST KIDDING.  Really, I went to TRIA to determine the fate of my foot-in-the-boot bright and early on Tuesday morning. The doctor did the smashing around on the foot and deemed that an MRI was in order this time around as he was concerned at the status and his earlier diagnosis due to some reaction he was getting out of my foot.

I, of course, shrugged and said “OK” strapped the boot back on and set up the MRI for 1pm as requested.

The MRI was super exciting as I’ve never had an MRI with my head OUT of the machine. Remember, I have epilepsy so have had plenty of MRIs…of my noggin. This of course means my mug is always in the tube. This time however, I got to just stick my legs in. COOL! I didn’t know there was a clock that counted down the minutes. That was fun. Ok, really, it was a bit boring. But at least I had a different view. The MRI took about a half hour. I then was sent back to the doc to wait for the radiologist to read the results.


I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a timer in the gray bar at the top! I COULD SEE IT because my head was out of the tube. HA.

This meant it was time to eat. I indulged on a delicious honey mustard chicken wrap from the café that TRIA had in their waiting area. I know you’re interested in my feeding habits, right? Then I waited…and waited. Hubby waited patiently with me. A little over an hour later I was called back to meet with my doctor. The moment of truth had arrived.


YUM. I was hungry.

My ortho doctor walked in and plunked into his spinney stool. He looked at me for a bit. The first words out his mouth:

“Well, I’ve never seen this before.”

SUPER! “What?”

He then put on his computer screen with a photo of my foot.

OMG ALL MY TOES WERE BUSTED. Well, that’s what I was thinking based on my limited knowledge of imaging.


“Do you want the good news or the bad?”


“Your foot isn’t broken” He moved the image down to where it hurts and pointed to the very non-broken bones.

“Wait, so I can take the boot off and run? Like now? AWESOME!!!! Perfect. OK, so we’re done here, thanks doc!”

“No.” He moved the image back to the glowing top and pointed. “We’ve never seen this. It’s not usual. Something is wrong. Do you have vascular disease? Your bone marrow is abnormal.”

“Huh? So can I run?”

“Blab la blab la blab la bla”

“Do I have to wear the boot or not?”

“I would for now, at least until you see the specialist. I’ll set you up at the front desk at the first opening. Bla blab la blab la blab la”

The rest of the appointment I heard the Charlie Brown teacher talk. All I could think was…if it’s not broken…why not run? HOLD YOUR HORSES SARAH…but why not? HOLD ON A MINUTE…but why not?


See how you can’t see the pinky toe? That’s how ALL the toes should look. Apparently this is a problem. It does look kinda cool though right?



Here’s the “impression” from the radiologist (who by MY impression also seemed baffled so don’t take it to much to heart…I’ll report back after seeing someone who knows what they’re talking about)

OK, so I’ll see this specialist person on June 3 and see what’s up with my glowing toes. I took my boot off today because I don’t see the point of wearing a boot on a non-broken foot. I’m listening and not running, though I’m waffling back and forth on that (oh it’s HARD). I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Please understand.

I know something is “wrong” however, please understand I get news like this at every doctor appointment. I have odd stuff all over that can mean nothing at all. I can deal with some foot pain as long as I can run. Running is my anti-depressant, my escape, my stress relief and my hope. I feel kind of lost without it.

There you have it! Here’s to hoping I’ll be back in the game in the blink of an eye…and much more quickly than I thought I would.



4 thoughts on “Good Bad Good Oh Heck, I Don’t KNOW!

  1. Your foot has superpowers! I’ve never had an MRI – looks kind of cool. I hope you’re out running soon as I totally get it – I’m lost without running as well!

    • That’s funny as it seems when I comment via my phone it goes into SPAM-land (no SPAM for lunch) and the knees are healing very well thanks!

  2. I’ve only had my head in an MRI machine too and never any other body part. I had no idea there was a timer up there.

    I really hope you get some more solid answers on the 3rd! This reminds me a little of when I went to one of my doctors and left the office more confused about what was wrong with me than when I went in there. That MRI is crazy! Sending lots of GREAT NEWS vibes for your next appointment!

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