Moving Forward on One Foot

A few years ago I broke my foot and thought it was the end of the world.  Then I dusted off, bought an aqua jogger and hit the “pool running.”  About a month later, I did a stair climb with my broken foot in my boot and managed to place 5th in my age group. I knew from that point forward that “I was possible” and I shouldn’t give up on my goals.


Coming down the escalator after completing the stair race on my broken foot. February 2012


Just a few days out of the boot I walked the Get Lucky 7K. I’m not going to lie and say I walked this race with any sort of grace or speed. Within a mile I was in last place with the sag wagon nipping at my heels. I was angry, embarrassed and in near tears. I had never been in this position before. I called my husband ready to quit. He encouraged me to keep going and I limped forward saying I didn’t want to sounding similar to a two year old child.

My daughter ran the 7k and looped back to where I was and started walking next to me. She became my cheerleader. She encouraged me and we made it to the finish line.


Finish of the 7K March 2012

Two weeks later, I ran the Running Opener 10K.  A good friend, Melissa, ran along next to me. It felt so good to run. It felt amazing! My cardio still wasn’t quite up to it though and I faltered out and coughed and slowed in the second loop. I was so disappointed rather than being impressed that I was back running just a few weeks off my injury.


Do you see joy here? Because THIS was joy. I was running again. April 2012

Two weeks after that I ran in Goldy’s 10 mile, my daughter pacing next to me to bring me to the finish line. She decided I could make it if we ran 10 minute miles the whole way. And we did.  She cheered me on the entire time. I was only four weeks out of the boot. Even I was proud and I was honored to have Tianna run me to the finish.


Finish of Goldy’s. Couldn’t have done it without this young lady by my side. April 2012

So why am I reminiscing? Because I need to.  I feel down. A lot of me is connected to running. My social life, my friendships, my routine, my endorphins. It makes sense that right now I feel disconnected and out of sorts. I feel lost and alone. I am lucky actually that I can look back and see the after.

What am I doing right now? I’m unable to bear weight until at least the 27th and my swim suit is to big (I’m looking for a new one, I promise!) so I have been doing one legged rowing on the row machine, attempting to learn one legged burpees (NOT very good at these), upper body work with weights, a lot of laying leg work, sitting boxing, and ab work. Hopefully I can make a video of some of my master moves here soon, because I’m one of those awkward people so it would fit well with my humor theme.

For now, I bid adieu. Just writing this up has cheered my mood. Feel free to leave me words of encouragement or a joke. I prefer jokes. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Moving Forward on One Foot

  1. Wish I had some good jokes, but none come to mind. I did fall off a Bosu ball once in an exercise class and it was hilarious. I did a few back rolls before crashing into a wall. That out to make you laugh. Hang in there. It doesn’t get easier, but you will get back to running and will appreciate it that much more.

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