We interrupt this running story to bring you a fork in the road

On Monday I was dealt a bit of bad news. It seems that I didn’t escape Chippewa unscathed. I’ve been doing what every runner does and ignoring a nasty pain in my foot figuring that it must be a cramp, or due to running oddly due to my busted toe.


After a defeating limp home on Monday, I finally went to the Ortho doc for an x-ray of my foot. I entered TRIA Orthopedics with great fear in my heart.

The doctor twisted and smashed and I attempted not to leap off the table or kick him in the face. I was a good patient and nodded and answered questions appropriately.

“Have you rolled your ankle recently?”

“Yep, at a trail race a couple weeks ago.”

“Did you know you have a broken toe?”

“Yes, I did that there too.”

“When’s the last time you ran?”


“Does this hurt?”  twist/smash/push

“YES.” *$#%@

“We need an x-ray. It’s likely that this (pointing to the base of the 5th metatarsal) is broken”

I steeled up. I didn’t even cry. I just limped to the x-ray and got pictures of my foot taken and waited for the results.

Soon enough the doctor was back pointing to the fracture in my foot. It seems that when I rolled my ankle at Chippewa, stress was placed on the 5th metatarsal. This stress was beyond what my bone could handle and it busted. My fracture was just beyond the avulsion line, and so was diagnosed as a traumatic Jone’s Fracture.


I’m in a boot and crutches and have orders to put no pressure on my foot for the next two weeks in an attempt to have the bone start stitching itself together. In two weeks I get a follow up and a game plan.

Why is this important? Apparently Jone’s Fractures are sort of hard to heal. Not much blood goes to the area. If no healing is going on, Jone’s Fractures are treated with bone stimulation or surgery. Hopefully I’ll prove my bionic truth and have some bone stitching going on at my two week appointment.

I admit to going home and making some angry, whiny, why me type statements. I admit to staring at the calendar and feeling frantic. I admit to feeling lost.


This was my attempt at artistic representation of my tragic homecoming.

I woke up this morning OK. I’m getting a grip, even if I still feel sad. This sucks. It really does. I will, however, run again.  I plan to come out of this boot crazy strong. I’m talking super woman strong. I’m working on a plan for that. I’m building an amazing workout for sufferers of broken feet. This is going to be a best seller (free).  My race plans are being re-adjusted and goals are being re-evaluated. I have to make a ‘new happy’ for now. That’s OK.

This is a little blip of time in the scope of my life. I might as well make the best of it, heal the foot and get mega strong in the meantime. Stay tuned.



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8 thoughts on “We interrupt this running story to bring you a fork in the road

  1. Aww, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury! I am all too familiar with the twisting and smashing that sometimes happens with a foot injury! I hope you heal quickly!

  2. That sucks! I broke my leg & ankle in January and struggled with being NWB for 6 weeks. I hope the bone starts knitting back together swiftly.

  3. Ah, crap – I’m sorry for you. I again dropped down to 10K at the Chippewa but had a fine run.  While working on our local ski trail a few Octobers ago I rolled my right ankle climbing a hill and like you waited for my ‘sprained’ ankle to get better…..when it didn’t I too finally saw a sports doc who x-rayed the still very painful foot to find a lateral malleolus fracture. No boot but a stiff brace and firm instructions to STOP trying to ski.

    Time passes, we behave, and things get better…..I actually completed the Birkie that February after about 2 weeks on skis….   🙂

    Keep on smiling, and keep the posts flowing – you are fun.


  4. Okay, first off, I would think a broken toe would be rather painful and yet you ran through that! You are already super woman. I am confident your bone will stitch itself back together and will become a bionic foot never to break again! I was off for 4 weeks+ with tendonitis and that totally sucked so I can relate to your frustration. It’s all part of being a runner. Think of this as 2 weeks of mental training.

    • I’m ready for it. I found one legged burpees, “Kranking” and one legged rowing on a row machine haha which I’m going amuse myself with at the gym tonight. Then I’ll pull out the aquajogger and do the wonderful water running.
      I just have to find the fun in some new exercises for a bit.
      Thanks for the encouragement!!

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