Who’s that guy?

I get a lot of attention when I run. People cheer, camera’s flash, questions are asked…it’s all about me. The reality is- there’s a very important someone behind the scenes who deserves a lot of attention too. It’s time I give him his kudos.


Who’s this guy? This is my handsome hubby. My other half.
Les is pretty amazing and I’m lucky to have him around. You’re about to get kind of jealous so stop here if you’re the type that covets thy neighbor’s wife or husband or whatever.

I frequently spring random races on this guy- “HEY LES, GUESS WHAT?! I just signed up for a race that starts at 4am…TOMORROW!”
Once and awhile I’ll get a bit of a frown, but never a hint of anger or frustration.  Les gets up at the crack of dawn for each and every race and then stands out in the cold, snow, rain, or blazing heat with a camera strapped around his neck cheering me on.  Many times he’s out there for hours and he never complains…he just tells me what a good job I did.

As I’ve moved into longer distances, Les has started learning about crewing and I have stars in my eyes.  I know I’m in good hands when he’s with me.  He doesn’t even need to ask “What do you need” and he handles it if I’m cranky. Still doesn’t complain.

Les does so much. He’s a great dad, a preschool teacher, an “OK” cook, an AMAZING singer, and a seriously incredible husband.

My running is a selfish thing. I know that. I do it for myself and it keeps me sane and makes me feel alive.  I only hope that Les knows just how much I appreciate him and all he does.

There’s my one sappy post for the blog. (Insert all sorts of bunnies and unicorns and hearts)


2 thoughts on “Who’s that guy?

  1. I love this post. There is always a someone behind every runner and it is awesome that it is your love. Running is selfish but it can also be a great sharing experience. This is an awesome post.

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