Ron Daws, I bet you’re wondering if I got lost.

The night before Ron Daws I looked at my handsome hubby and stated confidently that I was going to accidentally oversleep for this race and run when the sun comes out. He just looked at me and shook his head. Later I told him I was going to Robbinsdale to run the 10 mile training run out there instead. Pacer duty you know. I again approached him and told him I was going to oversleep. I was on taper for Zumbro. I needed to sleep and run slowly. Just before bed, I stated “I’m running Ron Daws, I’ll wake you up in the morning.” He nodded and said he knew.

My alarm went off too early on Saturday. I hit the snooze. Soon enough I got out of bed to handle the usual morning routine of swallowing some food, seizure medication and throwing on the running clothes. I decided to use Ron Daws as a training run so grabbed my  Amphipod belt and filled the bottle with Tailwind. It was cold out so I wore tights and my thin windbreaker, gloves and a hat. As MN had just received the gift of nearly a foot of snow, I also wore my Altra Lone Peaks to ensure a good grip if I hit any ice or un-shoveled areas. I tossed my phone in my pocket and we were ready to go.

The limovan transported us to the Cross of Glory Baptist Church in Hopkins. Awesomely enough, even for race day registration the cost was $10. Pre-registration for this race is $5. You can’t beat that. The church provided an indoor gathering spot before the start (read: warmth and bathrooms) and the starting line was just outside. I ran into friends Mark,  Ananda and Nycole who were some speedy folks also out to run the hills of Hopkins.

This race is low key, you get a bib and timing and you run. This is how it should be.  Lining up at the start, I could see that I would get caught in some speed if I didn’t reign myself in. I talked in my own head and reminded myself of Zumbro and Chippewa. “Training run.” I physically touched my amphipod and attempted not to look at anyone. I don’t run with music but I think it would have helped to have at this point!

And GO! I was off. Ron Daws is…hilly. The course is two short loops and two larger loops, all of which contain hill after hill after hill.  I held a nice even talking pace but could tell the hills were going to tire out my legs. I’m not the best on hills. I’m still a fairly new runner and just started ‘embracing hills’ recently. This means my base was flat…and my hill base is non-existent.  I ran. I felt each hill. I cruised easily through the first loop. The downhills were a dream. The ups were always a little tiring. But I ran. Nice and slowly like I was supposed to. I was ‘training.’  I knew after the first two short loops that I was in a bit of trouble.

I have what I affectionately term a “bastard leg.” This is my right leg.  This leg has always been a problem for me. In 2003, I had a small stroke, it affected my right side. My seizures? They affect my right side. My dystonia? Mainly on my right side. See the pattern?  So…this bastard leg, it is a problem that I haven’t really been able to solve. I just deal with it. Unfortunately after two of the short loops and many uphill’s Bastard Leg howled out from the hammy area in a cramp style. I decided to go on and do one of the big loops because I wanted to at least see what it entailed and then would drop from the race. Bastard was pretty unhappy and shot out a foot cramp and little salute from the hip and then just settled into the fact that I was running.  The large loop proved to be nice and hilly, but very pretty!

As I arrived at the water stop, I contemplated finishing and had to fight off the urge to just complete the loop again. Luckily my rational brain WAS functioning and the realization that it would take a few days to a week to calm the leg kicked in and I could knock out Zumbro if I went any further entered my brain. I pulled out my phone, called the hubby and declared the end of Ron Daws.  I passed the time at the water stop waiting for rescue picking up dropped cups.

Ultimately I ran 10.98 miles at Ron Daws in a reasonable time of 1:41. I got a nice hill workout in and two days later, my bastard leg is calming some. Tomorrow I’ll hop on the bike and see how it handles a little bit of resistance. I’m crossing my fingers that by Saturday, this leg is ready for Zumbro.  I’m pretty bionic, so my guess is the answer is YES. If nothing else, I’m ready.

There you have it…I didn’t get lost!



Garmin Data!


In the beginning!

2014-04-07 08.36.48

I like this picture because it looks like I’m super fast…even though I’m not. This is later in the race.

2014-04-06 10.50.28

Waving at hubby!


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