What’s on my plate. Hint: It’s not food.

“The” races are coming and I feel unprepared. My training isn’t where it should be and I’ve only had one “long run” (and that was an accident due to being lost). My epilepsy is not currently well controlled and this semester at school has proven to be the hardest yet. In addition, I have a lot going on at work.

Now that we have that mess out of the way, what’s on tap and why am I starting to feel anxious?

This weekend:
Ron Daws 25K. This seems innocent enough. 25K? That’s about 15.5 miles.
Ron Daws is a $5 race held in Hopkins and bills itself as running over hilly terrain and is for those looking for a “testing workout.” Runners describe it as challenging, tough, brutal and one of the hills is called “pukes peak.”
Why am I nervous about this? I can run this distance, even with nasty hills. Granted it is very rare that I do, but I can.

1) I’m slow on hills. Big deal right? Well, Ron Daws is a small race and only clocks the folks up to 3hrs. I don’t mind not getting clocked, but what happens if I am forgotten?  I’m afraid of being forgotten. What if I’m TOO slow.  I don’t want to be thought of as “that runner who shouldn’t have signed up”
To bash this thought: I’m doing Ron Daws as a training run for Zumbro and Chippewa. These hills are GOOD for me. Going slow is GOOD for me. Endurance is GOOD for me. Time on my feet is GOOD for me. And since WHEN DID I CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THOUGHT OF ME? Bonus: My hubby is always at the finish…no matter what. Does anyone else really matter? I’ll finish and get the miles and be thankful I was able to do it.

hills 2

2) I get lost easily (refer to other posts).  This is a small race and I likely won’t be next to any other runners. Looking at the times from past years, I shouldn’t be next to other runners as it wouldn’t be a good training run for me to follow the crowd. This leaves a high likelihood for me getting lost in Hopkins. If I get lost in Hopkins, will I be able to find my way back to the course? How many miles will that add? How long will I make this race? Is it well marked and am I capable of paying attention?
To kill this anxiety: I’ve been lost many, many times before while running…including in Washington D.C. I am no worse for the wear. When lost I just keep running and that’s what I’ll do. Sooner or later I either find my way or am found. The cool thing about being lost? I get to see extra stuff, run bonus miles, and have a story for later. I may be directionally dyslexic but at least I’m happy—so there!


3) I’m on a burrito diet. The issue with this is self-explanatory to any runner out there. Why am I on a burrito diet you ask? Obviously they are delicious. I’m Sarah and I’m addicted to burritos. I admit that I have a problem. I am unwilling to get help at the moment. SORRY! So what’s a runner like me supposed to do when not running in the woods? This causes anxiety.
To relieve this worry: I will awaken extra early for Ron Daws and attempt to expel the burrito. If this doesn’t work, you will hear about it later. Keep an eye out for the report.


There you have it for Ron Daws 25K. Now that I’ve quelled my nerves for that race and feel all better and ready to go—check back later to hear my anxieties about Zumbro (the week after Ron Daws), Chippewa 50K (2 weeks after Zumbro), and FANS 12 hour (one month later).


2 thoughts on “What’s on my plate. Hint: It’s not food.

  1. I love burrito’s too and my friend has severe anxiety about getting lost in races as well. She never does get lost in a race, but she makes me review the routes with her over and over on the map prior to any race we do together. Maybe take a route map with you??

    • Only one problem– I can’t read maps! When I try, I usually go the wrong way (I get left/right mixed up) lol 🙂

      I guess my brain formed awesomely in some areas and this caused stunting in the ‘where am I’ area.

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