Irish Run 8K –The Human Race

Sunday was the Irish Run 8K (formerly the Human Race). This race was held later in the day than most races so there was no early rising for this lady. I slept in.

Soon enough I got antsy to get going. I wanted to get a warm-up in and also to hand out some Emergen-C samples before the race. I checked the temperature and made a prerequisite scowl at my phone before tugging on some tights, and the Emergen-C coat instead of the singlet. I wore my Altra Lone Peak 1.5 shoes in case of any ice instead of the road shoes, put on my trusty Garmin and headed out the door ready to run.

Obviously hubby and I rode the limovan to the race. Parking was scarce so we ended up a few blocks away. That was OK as the packet-pick up and pre/post-race gathering was inside a high school. Why was this important? It was COLD out.

I picked up my race packet and then started handing out Emergen-C samples and some coupons. Runners seemed happy to get a sample pack of Emergen-C and I got a few “I love Emergen-C” comments, which was nice to hear!

Soon some running friends showed up, Dan L and Jason B and it was decided to run some warm up miles. We took off up Summit Avenue at a pace that I don’t run. We kept this pace I don’t run up Summit and back down Grand until we were done with our “warm-up”

I’m pretty sure I looked at my Garmin 5 or 6 times before I reset it in awe that I just raced a warm up and I reset my 8K goal with the realization that I could do more than jog it. Thanks Dan and Jason for both wearing me out and giving me some confidence. I had come to this race with plans of attempting a 9:30 pace which right now has been difficult to me and you showed me that I am capable of much more. That warm up was the first time I’ve seen my watch drop below an 8 minute mile in over a year!

I lined up at the starting line ready to go and soon enough it was time. The first mile flew by and I felt great. It felt GOOD to run. I knew I was getting tired though. I wasn’t going to stop. I didn’t stop. I ran. I hadn’t really attempted to run out of breath in some time. It felt good…and bad. It hurt bad…and good. I couldn’t tell if I hated it, or loved it. I just kept going. At mile 3 I wanted to stop running but there were only 2 miles left and I’d be a wuss to stop then so I kept running. I tried to smile off and on and trick myself into liking it. I swore I’d never do it again. I told myself I was trained for this (a lie), I told myself to look at the pretty houses, I told myself there wasn’t much time left, I told myself that after this uphill there was a downhill, I just ran. Soon enough the finish line came.

Last year I ran this race in 46:52
This year?

I shaved off FOUR MINUTES!  Just by trying. I have been running long and slow all winter so I’m not going to dismiss this triumph.  I’m also going to go back to doing long and slow. It’s more fun.

Here’s some pictures, enjoy!


garmin data


Running it in.


Serious, right?


This was my attempt to wave at my hubby! Isn’t it cool how he always stands out in the cold to take pictures and cheer me on?!


Look! I’m smiling!


This is def. early on.


I’m running! and gasping for air 🙂


Jason B, cheesing on the course!


This is in the beginning


Dan L
who gave me confidence to run this race!


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