Running for a Cause

Running people!

Running for a cause is a big part of the running community. I’ll never forget when my grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the helplessness I felt.  Seeing a family member or friend struggle with an disability or illness makes us feel powerless.

I found a way, like so many runners have, to create hope amidst that feeling by joining Team Hope in my Grandpa’s name…raising money to support pancreatic cancer research in the hope that other families would someday not have to feel the helplessness that we did. It was empowering and I’ll never forget how wonderful and proud I felt to run with the Team Hope jersey. I’ve since run for many different causes and participated in other fundraising organizations.

When I see another runner taking on a cause, I get behind them 100%. I can only hope that they feel as good in their Team jersey as I do anytime I put one on.

MICHELLE AIELLO is raising funds for Team NCCS in support of cancer research (the National Children’s Cancer Society).  Please take a look at her page and consider supporting her endeavors. The cause is worthwile and I hope that she can wear the jersey in an upcoming race– be it a 5K, 10K, half marathon or any distance with pride knowing that she was able support such an incredible cause.   To donate to Michelle go here:

To support Michelle on her WordPress Blog, go here:


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