Competition Announcement- Help!

Tianna started running track and field in 7th grade. She quickly established herself as a competitive 400 meter runner. She was moved onto Highland Senior High’s varsity team in 8th grade via petition as Saint Paul had a policy that those in junior high were ineligible to compete for varsity if a junior high team existed. Because of Tianna and another competitive teammate, the door was opened the next year for junior high athletes to compete at varsity level.

In 8th grade Tianna broke the school record in the 4×200 and missed competing at the state level by a fraction of a second. She made all conference in both the 400m and the 4×200. That summer, Tianna headed to the Junior Olympics, making it to regionals in both the 400m and the 200m and ultimately competing in Nationals in Baltimore in the 400m.

Her freshman year consisted of competitions in the 400m and the 4x400m with competitive times in both. Tianna has an extreme love for running and a drive to be competitive.

Tianna also participates in Cross Country Running, Nordic Skiing, Philanthropy Club and holds a part time job with School Space Media. She has excellent grades, making the honor roll in school. Tianna has volunteered at multiple races throughout the Twin cities, handing out medals, water and warming blankets to runners. She has run in 5K’s, 10K’s, trail races, and paced a half marathon. 

Tianna was invited to represent Minnesota on the North Central Conference Track and Field team competing in Australia in the summer of 2014.  She is excited for the opportunity to represent her family, school, community, state, and country in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. In order to achieve this goal of competing internationally She is asking for donations in any amount to go towards the cost of competing Down Under.

Did I mention that this talented young lady is my daughter?? Well she is! Please consider giving a few dollars towards this amazing opportunity! Consider passing the notice along to your friends, businesses, and family– Tianna is so excited! I’m excited for her!

I’ve added a picture and the pdf– grab whichever!!

2014 Sponsorship Letter (Tianna Ducloux-Potter)-1

Click to enlarge!

2014 Sponsorship Letter (Tianna Ducloux-Potter)-1

2014 Sponsorship Letter (Tianna Ducloux-Potter)-1


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