Donut Day 25K

The Donut Day 25K is a fun run put on by Jordan Hanlon in Minneapolis. It’s FREE and runners run from bakery to bakery and eat donuts…ending at a donut shop. It’s a good time and so worth doing.

I registered for the 16 mile route this year and figured it would be a great event to hand out some Emergen-C samples that I’ve been provided.  The Emergen-C Immune +  powder has vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and a proprietary complex with beta glucans and arabinogalactans, all things that an active athlete needs in a handy little packet one can mix with water. It tastes surprisingly good and as I learned at the Donut Run, it’s delicious in HOT water in the cold of winter.

I woke up early for the Donut Run and checked the weather. Ouch. It was -12 with -30 wind-chill. I, for a moment, considered crawling back under my warm covers and going back to bed.  I shook off the thoughts and ate a PB Bagel, took a shower, and bundled up in preparation for a very cold run.

How did I dress for sub-zero temps? On my legs I wore Nike Thermal tights with no-name brand ski pants over the top, feet- smart wool socks with another pair of ankle socks over the top, top half- thermal wicking long john top, long sleeve tech top, saucony wind coat, Emergen-C tech shirt over all that. Heavy gloves with hand-warmers stuffed inside, Hat, Emergen-C visor and fleece face mask. I wore my Altra Lone Peak 1.5 trail shoes to give traction on the ice/snow.  I also grabbed my amphipod belt so I could carry money for the donut shops, water, and chapstick.

Hubby and I headed out the door a touch later than we thought we would and then got caught behind an accident so I literally hit the ground running. It was “ready, set, go” and we’re off.
Here was the starting temperature:



I was a little worried I’d have no-one to run with on the 16 mile as it was really cold and I was running pretty slowly.  I lucked out as a friend was there running with hid pretty dog and he chugged along next to me for most of the run. There were two guys out there dragging tires for the run (seriously) and the race director, Jordan, who also were nearby most of the time due to the donut stops.

The first donut stop was A Baker’s Wife. The run crowd was very thick at this one as wasn’t very long into the run to get to this one so we stood around outside of it for a bit and then continued on to the next bakery.


I started to build up quite a bit of frost on the stretch from A Bakers Wife to our next stop and whenever I’d blink my eyes, they’d stick together!   The best was seeing the men with facial hair though as they formed icicles in their mustaches and beards and their whole face frosted versus just the eyelashes.


The next bakery was Glam Doll Donuts.  There was a giant pink tree in Glam Doll so of course it was time for a photo-op.  I partook in a yummy glazed donut and plan on going back to try one of the chocolate raspberry donuts. One of the ladies working was taking pictures of people wandering in to send back to her friends in California as the frosty faces and hair were entertaining her to no end. That was pretty awesome. We stayed in Glam Doll for quite a while, enjoying the warmth, donuts and bathrooms!

Pink tree at Glam Dolls!

Pink tree at Glam Dolls!

Soon it was time to head back out into the crisp Minnesota air towards the Angel Food Bakery and Coffee bar downtown. The distance between the two didn’t seem very long.  Maybe just two miles so we were there pretty quickly. This was a pretty awesome stop. The bakery had water for the runners coming in and granola samples.  I will go back to try the coffee as it smelled really good.  Here is where Dan and I, the tire people, and RD Jordan, along with another pretty dog and their lovely owner Alicia all clumped back together and took off in a group towards the longest stretch with no stops along the River.  I should say, I THOUGHT it would be the longest stretch with no stops. There was a surprise coming.


After going up a hill that seemed like it went on forever there was this magic aid station. It was Club Run—standing out in the -10 temperatures. There was a table set up with Caribou Coffee, hot apple cider, and donuts. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.  They were even smiling! I had two cups of that hot apple cider and a couple of the donut holes.  The cider tasted like heated unicorn tears. It was that good. It was just what was needed at that point in time.

Club Run aid station-- how cool is this?!

Club Run aid station– how cool is this?!

Leaving the aid station, I started burping apple cider. That was different. Not uncomfortable, just different.  I had a bit of a hip cramp and was getting admittedly a bit cranky wanting to be done now.  With 1 mile left to go I saw the limovan. I got seriously excited and actually shrieked.  I called out to Dan and Jordan who I was running with and trailing behind off and on “I’ll meet you at Mel-O-Glaze” and ran over to hubby. I took the 1 mile ride in the limo van to the donut shop. I didn’t even feel guilty. I had gone a bit over 15 miles in subzero weather and had topped 40 miles for the week…in mostly subzero weather. I felt like a superhero. I wanted donuts, and warmth.



2013-12-07 09.12.23-2

At Mel-O-Glaze, I got to hand out some Emergen-C and learned that it is delicious in hot water. Misty, who was excited to try it, had the attendant in the bakery give her a glass of hot water, she dumped her sample in and was exclaiming about how good it was. Her enthusiasm caused another person to also try the hot water Emergen-C and I of course had to have some when I got home—it is wonderful! And to quote Misty “much better than ther-a-flu” I also heard someone say (and agree) “It’s so fragrant, it’s like tea!”

Here are a few photos of the Emergen-C sampling:

I’ll be back at the donut run next year; it’s always a great time!


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