Icebox 480 is the day after tomorrow.  I recently told someone who asked that I wasn’t nervous. I lied. I suddenly feel kinda like I did when I first started running outside in front of people for the first time. I feel freaked out, awkward and like I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like I don’t belong.

I put on a nice front because I’m one of those hard ass people who’s not afraid of anything. Besides, I have to knock these thoughts out in order to actually stay on my feet for eight hours right? So why am I sharing this on my blog? Spilling my mushy guts out to the public so you can see my weakness up front and center?

Good question.

The reality is, signing up for things like Icebox, FANS, and the 50 miler have gotten me excited to run again. I actually look forward to heading out to the trail each time I do it. I look for hills to run up instead of run away from them. I smile when I run instead of grimace.

I’m pretty sure that what I’m feeling right now is normal a couple days before trying something new…especially considering I’m highly undertrained, have no idea what to expect and have a stomach that frequently rebels.

That’s exactly WHY I chose Icebox. I want to learn.

Icebox is an 8 hour trail race that consists of 6.2 mile loops. There is no DNF. You run for as long as you can. There is a fully supported aid station at the start/finish and a self-support station at 4 miles. There will be runners there who know what they’re doing. This is my jump-start towards next year’s 50 miler. How will I learn if I don’t “do”?

So what are my goals at Icebox?

1)      I’ve been practicing eating/drinking on training runs. Now I’m going to try it in a longer term situation. At Icebox my goal is to put the eating/drinking to practice without barfing.  If I can do that- I win.

2)      Learn from the runners who have done this a lot. I’m prepared to be schooled.

3)      Go past the point where I want to quit. I’d like to stay on my feet the full 8 hours unless I’m injured or seriously sick.

4)      Ignore the pace/mileage. I’ve been practicing that in longer runs- only looking at the garmin once I get home and using my watch for drinking/eating.

5)      Don’t poop in burrs (see Battle Creek RR). Not sure if they’re out anymore but hey, it’s worth tossing this one in just because this would be an awful long way to go with burrs on the ass.

Anyways, wish me luck—or don’t. Maybe just add a joke because that fuels me more than luck.



3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I have heard about these before. Good luck! Bring some TP. Burrs in the ass would definitely not make for a pleasant remainder of the run. Find a good leafy spot under a tree. That is usually my go-to in the woods. Haha. I think you really haven’t been initiated as a runner until you’ve had to poo somewhere inconvenient on a run. Looking forward to hear what happens (the run…hopefully not any burr mishaps).

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