So it’s done. I’m officially registered for the Yellowstone Teton 50 mile Race.  As I finalized the registration on ultrasignup I sat back and waited for the confetti to fall. To my surprise, I didn’t even get a pat on the back. Astonishing.  I got a charge on my credit card and an email confirmation.

I’ve hodge-podged together a training plan for this race that’s nearly a year out that includes a serious increase in mileage over time. Basically I mashed together a beginner to 50K with a 50K to 50 mile plan. All in all it looks like it will take me merely 10 months to get to the race in one piece. Piece of cake.

I have a lot of support from my running friends. Most have a few nuts and bolts loose so this is entirely helpful as it encourages my own insanity. They say “You can do it!” so I do, even if sometimes the voice in my head tries to tell me I can’t. When you have a external voices yelling at you that you’re capable, it’s a great way to beat up the little gremlin that comes out and tries to hold you down.

After registering I had a moment of “What did I just do? I have no support, no crew, nobody loves me, whoa is me!”  I quickly pulled myself together with a reality check. Degrading into a pile of mush is not very ultra-like and I don’t want to be uncool. I made a checklist of what I needed to do to bring my self confidence back up.

1) Grow a beard. Why? Because Forest had one and he ran a really, really long time.

2) Find a crew.  Why? I like the way it sounds. Ok, really a crew would be incredibly helpful when running 50 miles for the first time– for support, nutrition, fresh socks, and other stuff I don’t even know about because I’m that ultra-stupid.

3) Practice with liquid and food. I like to eat so this one hopefully will be fun. Supposedly I get to try eating whatever and see what I can and can’t have in my stomach while running. Sounds like a barftastic time. YAY!

This all sounds doable. Let me just get started on the beard first as that could take awhile. Forest had a long one and mine takes time to grow.

This post has been brought to you by “oops I clicked the mouse”


4 thoughts on “YES! NO! YES!

  1. I had a free entry for it this year, but it just didn’t line up with my training schedule. I’d still love to do it though! Hope you have a great time there and hope training goes well

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