1BandID …run, bike, swim, whatever safety ID.

I run alone a lot. I also run in an area where apparently you can be hit by cars. I’ve had experience with this as a car decided to throw me up on it’s hood, stop long enough for me to get OFF it’s hood, and then peel off, running over my foot in the process. Needless to say, this shook me up a bit and caused me to examine whether or not I was running safely.

When I got hit by the car, I had no phone. Multiple people pulled over to see whether I was OK but I was too shook up and angry to remember to ask to use their phone. In the end I ended up limping home versus calling for help repeating the license plate of the idiot who hit me over and over in my head so I wouldn’t forget it. After that I started running with my phone on my arm.

What if I had been knocked out or seriously injured though? Who would know who I am? I was just an average stinky runner with stubble growing on her legs due to lack of shaving out for a run…carrying no ID whatsoever. I do have a medic alert but it’s proven to be a poor choice to run with. It caused a nasty chafe mark on my arm. You can see why here:


Yep, try running with that scraping against you for miles. Not pretty. It looked like I had been bitten by a wild animal, which sounded much more interesting than “oh, my bracelet rubbed my hairy arms and gave me a wax job before eating into my flesh”

I went on the hunt for an ID I could have on me while I ran. It had to sufficiently say who I was, my medical condition(s), and my allergy to codeine (which is really, really bad). I got a Road ID…hot pink. I wore it twice. Not sure why I didn’t like it. I could feel it on my wrist. I forgot to update my information online. And the biggest thing- after two wears, I forgot to wear it. Flat out. I forgot to put it on. I kept thinking about ordering a different Road ID. One I didn’t have to update when my meds changed, a more muted color, a softer band, perhaps an ankle style. I just never got around to it and figured I’d forget to wear it anyways.

I’ve gone a long time being ‘unsafe’ again and the husband has been nagging, worried about the whole seizure business…”What if” I guess I see his point but I would be more concerned about getting mauled by a bear or tripping on a grain of sand and rolling down a rocky hill. It could happen. I went on the hunt for something I’d actually wear.

I found 1BandID by chance and decided to give it a go. 1BandID can be customized with up to six lines of text and doesn’t need to be updated online. It’s a one shot deal. It’s a soft strap with strong velcro that can be hooked to any strap…think shoe, watch, Garmin, etc.  I wear a watch 24/7 so this could be perfect. If the thing was comfortable, I could just hook it to my watch and forget about it.

I customized my 1BandID with my full name on the first line, most important medical information on the second line, less important medical information on the third line, and husband/phone number on the fourth line with the thought that in an emergency all my other information could be got from him. I ordered the size that would fit on a standard watch band and also my Garmin. I picked the color black so it wouldn’t annoy me when I wore it daily and then waited.

The 1BandID arrived 8 days after ordering. Good turnaround for a small company.

I’ve been wearing it on my 24/7 watch since I received it with no issues whatsoever. The band is soft and the velcro is strong. It does get drenched in the shower and take a bit of time to dry but I’m not having irritation under the band. I am curious as to how it’s going to hold up to constant drenching though. It seems to be similar material that an ace bandage is made out of. The velcro is ‘industrial strength’ and difficult to pry apart once you stick it together. That’s good! Here are some shots of it on the watch:


Secured to the watch, I didn’t velcro it very tight in this picture- SORRY, the velcro is strong and hard to undo once done so I loosely hooked it just to show you it on my watch.


Inside of the band. Very soft. It feels like a velvety ace bandage. The loose threads you see are coming from the double stitched “1BandID” logo, not the band itself.


Here is the 1BandID on my wrist. I have little wrists so this is a good idea of how it looks on a female. My wrist measures 5.5in and my watch still closes properly with the ID on. Again, it’s not 100% latched tightly in this photo.

this is with the 1BandID on the opposite side of the watchstrap. You can tuck your watch strap in if you do this.

this is with the 1BandID on the opposite side of the watchstrap. You can tuck your watch strap in if you do this.

tuck in the band

Tucking the watch strip into the 1BandID

As long as the 1BandID can withstand my showers…and rain…and sweaty runs without causing any irritation, I think it’s here to stay. This will give my hubby some peace of mind and give me the safety award. Now, as I stopped running with my phone on my arm, I guess I have to re-figure out that situation too. Maybe next year. One thing at a time!

This post has been brought to you by the hair that grew back on my arms.


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