Rest days. Those days that you don’t run.

Down days, rest days, days off, non-running days…whatever you call them, some runners love them and some hate them. Me? I don’t mind them too much. I hate that my legs get a little stiff when I don’t run so I walk a lot and do leg raises, random squats in front of the microwave, a hop-skip here and there and maybe some tap dancing to cap it off. Other than that I eat. A lot.

Yep, you read that right. My appetite goes into overdrive on rest days. I haven’t quite figured out the exact reason why. I suppose I could look up some scientific articles and figure it out but honestly, I just eat and satisfy the hunger because I figure if I’m hungry I should eat right? The problem is nothing actually satisfies the bottomless pit feeling I get on a rest day.

I’ve tried eating 100% all natural, all organic, all whole foods.

I’ve tried eating vegan.

I’ve tried eating nothing but protein.

I’ve tried eating nothing but junk (which was really yummy but gave me one of those tired headaches= sad me)

I’ve tried alcohol and peanuts

I’ve tried a mixing carb/fat/protein in every ratio you can think of.

I’ve even attempted to grit my teeth and pretend I wasn’t hungry.

Currently my method to the madness is to fill a bag with my Archer Farms “Handful of Everything” trail-mix and gobble that until gone. Chug a bottle of Sobe. Wait. Fill a bag of Goldfish crackers and again gobble until gone. Swimming some of the goldfish in the air and making them fight before eating is allowed. Chug Sobe.  Time for a Pierre Chicken Breast Sandwich (isn’t that fancy? It’s a Costco frozen chicken sandwich). More trail-mix. When is DINNER? I’M HUNGRY. More Sobe. Trader Joe’s Turkey Jerky—the whole bag, maybe two. I smell dinner. The husband cooks. Dinner is random, maybe it’s Taco’s. If it is I eat 3…or 4. Then I realize I’m not full and have more trail mix. More Sobe. I’m out of trail mix. I ate the whole jar. I eat two protein bars and some fruit. I wait. I take my pills and go to bed and wonder why I have a stomach ache. This is madness. It only happens on rest days. It’s expensive. Frequently I eat all the snacks in the house and even purchase more. AM I BROKEN?


This post has been brought to you by my empty-full stomach.


3 thoughts on “Rest days. Those days that you don’t run.

  1. Eat to live, not live to eat.

    Nutrition regulates appetite. If you are hungry all the time, your body needs something it is missing. We aren’t broken, just misunderstood.

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