Much Ado about the Poo

Running along and there it is, the grumble, the rumble the “uh oh.”  If you’re on a trail it’s pretty easy to find a spot, pull over, grab some leaves, squat and take care of the problem but sometimes…you aren’t. On a trail that is.

Today I was running along on a busy road smack dab in an urban, residential area with not a business to be seen when that grumble, rumble feeling crept up in my stomach. Then came the cramps. Panic rose. I have a bit of directional dyslexia and attempted quickly (and incorrectly) to map where the nearest gas station was. I knew there was one about a mile and a half in the direction I had just come from and kind of sure that I would hit a business area if I kept going straight in a mile or two. My dyslexic mind took a right, because why not? Something had to be there. I clenched my butt cheeks and ran.  A little over two miles later I hit a business district, complete with restaurants, coffee shops, Barnes and noble and a LOT of foot traffic to weave through. The cramping and grumbling suddenly vanished. I had access to bathrooms galore which caused a ‘poop be gone.’ What gives?

One of these days you will see me running by in depends because this fight with the gotta go/don’t gotta go is getting old. That or I’ll just stick to the woods where you can go when you have to and continue on your way.

Have a good day.


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