What’s next? Upcoming races!

The next few weeks (months??) are busy which means I am using hand sanitizer in excess and taking my vitamin D religiously. I also glare at people who sneeze, sniffle or cough. I apologize in advance if I give you the stink eye during your allergy season. I’ll love you once I hit December. Maybe.

October 11– Night Light Trail Half Marathon at Battle Creek. I am so looking forward to this one. It’s at night…head lamps (YAY!) and it’s at Battle Creek, with the famous “Big Wheezy” hill. There’s also a party after the race, with bonfire, s’mores and beer. You just can’t go wrong with a night trail and beer. Right? Right.

Night Light Trail course

Night Light Trail course

October 20– Mankato Half Marathon. This race looks like it will be a good time. Mankato is a smaller city down in southern Minnesota that is pretty hilly, but from the looks of the course Final Stretch managed to somehow avoid the really nasty hills and stick a massive DOWNhill in the half. I’m anxious to give it a shot. I’ve heard from others who’ve run Mankato that it’s a well-run race with great crowd support.

October 26- Monster Dash Half Marathon. I’m pacing in this one. Monster Dash is a good time, maybe I’ll see some of you out there!


November 9– Icebox 480. This was an impulse registration to the extreme (anybody surprised here?) A new 8 hour trail race that’s being held out on White Trail Ridge near River Falls, WI on a single track course with 10K loops.  This race will start at 7:30 and go until 3:30pm. It’s a timed race not a distance race. You run 10K loops and each lap is counted. Do this for as long as you want/can up to 8 hours. I have no goal or expectations for this other than to give it a try…and learn something. I think it will be “fun”

Icebox 480

Icebox 480

November 16– Unleash the She 10K in Blaine, MN. This used to the Diva Dash held out in Circle Pines…it grew too big so it was renamed and moved. The race is all female and supports ovarian cancer. Can’t hate that.


I’m not listing anymore after these races…because I think that’s enough to focus on for now.  My training plan for this schedule? Run. Run on trails. Run on pavement. Run when the mood strikes and when it doesn’t. Smile while running. I started doing something new too. I turned my Garmin around and started ignoring it. The only time I look at the dumb thing is when I’m done. You know what? Running is fun again.

This post has been brought to you by my calender.


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