Yikes, what have I gotten myself into?

First of all- Happy Friday the 13th! I started my day with a nice bang in the shin to remind myself to watch where I was going and work on my vocabulary so that I can yell things other than S#$T, D@MN, F*&K over and over again at a bedpost. I’m pretty sure my cat was attempting to help me in this lesson as she was howling something in another language, but I was distracted and couldn’t quite decipher what it was she was schooling me on. 

On to bigger and more important things in life! I, at some sleep-deprived point in time, decided I needed a challenge. This caused me to get on the big Google machine and start hunting one out. I came across a race called the Harmon Farms Trail 10 mile. Well, that couldn’t be *too* bad right? A trail is a challenge, 10 miles is a tough distance for me and the race was cheap. Without really looking at the details I considered it MY challenge and signed up with a satisfied click of the mouse and added it to my calendar. OK DONE! Challenge accepted. I moved on in life to things like work and homework and slogging through my runs the best I could.

This trail race beeped at me via Google Calendar yesterday…oh, yeah! That’s this weekend! No problem. I better see what it’s all about- you know, location and such. Good old Googling commenced again. I landed on a page with last years results of this trail race. I started to get a little queasy. 

My running has not been fantastic this year. I mean it has in that way that running is fantastic in general but my speed has been (cutting right to the chase) much slower than last year and my weekly mileage frequently hits dismal levels. I quickly pulled up my training record and realized that if the same people showed up as last year…there was a high potential of finishing last.  I did a quick self-check. Would this be so awful? I mean, someone has to finish last right? Is it really true that the last person gets the most cheers? Wait…isn’t that just in track and field? What if no one is left at the finish when I get there? AM I HAVING A PANIC ATTACK?  PAPER BAG PAPER BAG.  I meditate. I visualize. I remember that I love running. Can I be OK with being last? How can I tell others that it’s OK to get out there and try at all speeds and abilities if I’m not willing to do it? SETTLED. I’m in. I’m gonna run this damn race. Even if there is no finish line when I get done. 

I kept googling to learn more. The course is described as having moderate hills, rugged, non-paved trails, and beautiful-scenery. That sounds nice. It’s a two-lap course with mile markers (the piece of me that fears getting lost in the woods relaxes a little) and is mainly single track trail with multiple switchbacks. Got it. Single file with some passing zones, lotsa twists and turns, watch your footing,  hilly, and pretty. 


Map of the trail at the Park Reserve

I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into. I wanted a challenge and at least seem to have received it. Luckily my hubby has agreed to come cheer me on and also wait for me at the finish no matter how long it takes for me to come out of the woods…and also come looking for me if I don’t emerge. Isn’t he sweet? I’m actually excited now that I’ve resolved to do the race, that has mixed nicely with the nervousness to create what feels like hamsters running on a wheel in my stomach. At least I’ve perfected pooping in the woods. 

The race is this Sunday bright and early and the weather looks like it will be perfect. If anyone who reads this will be out there- say hi! 

Watch for a report after all is said and done! 


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