Running (in general) because this is a running blog after all…

This summer has been hot. I love the heat for things like swimming in the lake, basking in the sunshine, hiking in the woods, water fights, grilling and general outdoors fun. I’m not a winter person so I’ll take the summer heat over the below zero days of winter anytime.

There’s one thing, though, that I don’t do well in the heat…RUN. Running has become a big part of my life and apparently, though I’m a cold hater, I run way better in the cold weather. I run faster, I feel better and I enjoy it more. I know what you seasoned runners are thinking out there- “DUH”  I have a kvetch though. I get asthma attacks in the winter (dry air) and heat sickness (barf barf) in the summer humidity. What’s a gal to do?

Option 1: Run only in the Spring and Fall when temperatures are mild.

Obviously this is a poor option. I give it two thumbs down. For one thing, the temperatures are never mild in Minnesota. It is hot or it is cold. It is raining or snowing or dry. Black or white. There is no gray in Minnesota unless you’re talking about the sky outside of the three months we call “summer”.   That option is officially tossed in the internet trash can. Delete.

Option 2: Invest in a treadmill.

I already have on. It’s gathering dust in the basement. I don’t even know if it works. I hate dreadmills. Delete.

Option 3: Get a new hobby and stop this thing called “running”

Yeah, I know- I’m going to get arthritis right? It’s bad for my joints! I should get some cushioned shoes. I’m going to wreck my knees. And now, I’m too hot or having asthma issues. Well dang, doesn’t that just prove we shouldn’t be running at all? My knees are fine, cushioned shoes make me run funny, and I have other hobbies already. They just don’t replace the freedom of running. Delete.

Option 4: Take a hint from MNRW and Suck it up Buttercup

Option 4 is the only option really. Sucking it up doesn’t mean getting sick to the point of collapsing in the summertime. It means, find a way to run and then go do it- without whining. SHUT UP AND RUN. I always thank myself when I’m done. I did find a way to get through the heat without completely losing it. I bought a ‘chill towel’ called Enduracool from Sports Authority for $14.95. I took it on a run a couple weeks ago when it was 95 degrees and humid. First I drenched it with water from our hose, then I snapped it- kinda like when you smack someone in the butt with a towel in the locker room. I placed the Enduracool towel around my neck and shoved the ends into my sports bra and took off running. It was surprisingly cool and lasted for about 4 miles before I couldn’t feel the coolness anymore. At that point I hit a drinking fountain so I re-wet, snapped and reapplied. I then headed home as I only wanted to go 6 miles. This was the first really hot run that I had gone on where I didn’t toss my cookies or get dizzy. I can’t say I didn’t get hot but it was hot out so….go figure.

As far as the asthma in the winter. I now have an inhaler for that. No more barking cough when the cold air hits my lungs. On top of that, a running mask to warm the air going into the lungs is effective– though last year it kept freezing to my face which was really annoying. I wonder if a guy could use that as a cheap way to wax his facial hair?

So option 4 it is– Suck it up Buttercup…shut up and Run. Quit yer whining. Get out there and do it. Add what ever kick your butt quote here.   I’m not going to quit running because of some Minnesota weather.

–this rambling post has been brought to you by my new chill towel–


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