Fargo Weekend, GO FAR Challenge! Uff Da?!

Everyone has been holding their breath waiting for this race report right? Right?! Well…here it comes, the Fargo Weekend extravaganza!

FRIDAY 5/17/2012

Friday morning our family was in it’s usual condition. Our planned 9am start moved gradually to a 10:30am start. Soon enough though, we were loaded into the beautious minivan and were on our way to party city of FARGO, ND!

Soon enough, we realized we were hungry. We had snacks. We had dinner for tonight. We didn’t have lunch. As we had a race tonight as well as tomorrow, we had to be somewhat careful what we ate. Not well planned, but sometimes you gotta make do!  Subway reared it’s head at the right time, and while I can’t handle it due to it’s special gas inducing properties (other runners should really thank me for my self control on Friday! I was the non-self propelled runner in the black skirt! I saved you, send me stuff!) it seems to fuel my daughter fine as you’ll see in the report.  I opted instead for a protein shake, some cereal, and some other misc that I had as snacks. Yum lunch. I drank 60oz of Sobe in anticipation of the heat we were headed for and relaxed the rest of the way.

Fargo soon came into view. Breathtaking. We checked into our hotel, a place I can’t really recommend as we didn’t like it. Windham by Wyngate. It looked all fancy when I booked it and cost a fancy price…we weren’t treated fancy at all. Next time- Holiday Inn! I digress, after checking in, T and I changed into our running gear as we were both doing the 5K at 6:30 and so would hit the expo, packet pickup, and then run our race before heading back for dinner.

The Expo /Packet Pickup was at the starting and finish line for all the races– the Fargo Dome. We in MN have been spoiled with Goldy’s Run and Twins Territory races and the fancy smancy finishes those have as this place looked a little peaked. I was still psyched. PSYCHED. As in, I was talking a mile a minute. It was 94 degrees out and I was PUMPED to run. I wanted to go…now!

View inside the dome- on Friday 5/17/12 at the Health Expo and Packet Pickup for the Fargo Marathon

While at the expo I got to see two awesome MN Running Wild friends Lynne and Richard who were there to do the half and full respectively.

After picking up packets, we wandered around and looked at stuff before putting on chips and bibs and relaxing in the airconditioned dome until the start of the 5K.

In the A/C of the Dome– waiting on the start of the 5K.

At about quarter to 6, we headed for the start line. I think we were bored of sitting indoors. The Fargo Marathon had aimed for 10,000 to sign up for the 5K in order to put 1,000 shoes on needy children’s feet. 9,500 signed up which is pretty dang good huh? It did make for a crowded start line. Luckily, this race was awesome about something- walkers lined up on in a totally different area (a different street!) than runners, easing the congestion that usually is at the start line. There were also markers for estimated finish time so you could line up according to that. While there was still some weaving in the big crowd due to misplacing, this was much better than I’ve ever seen with a crowd this large!

Waiting for the start was…hot. Really, really, hot. By the time the 5K started it was bouncing between 93 and 94 degrees depending on cloud cover. Luckily the DJ was great, lots of rock ‘n roll, move you music. Then we were off. Running, in the heat. Oh wow, it was hot!

So how did it go?

Me in the 5K, I’m feeling HOT HOT HOT! OWWWWW!

I’m still smiling, yeah yeah yeah!

I was to take it easy on the 5K as I had a half marathon the next morning and really have had not so great training since getting out of the boot as far as half marathon distance so doing two races in a row was pushing it.
The crowds along the side were SO FUN! They were cheering and spraying water and what a blast! How can you not smile when people are having so much fun? So I did slightly faster than my jog I meant to do.

I finished happy, but tired…and HOT! That was fun!

My daughter T? Yeah, as she said- she took it “easy”. She went for a jog in the heat…and WON HER AGE GROUP.  I mean seriously, awesome much?

T in the 5K– on a nice jog…faster than I’ll ever hope to be!

At the end of the 5K I was happy and excited to see my MNRW friends again cheering for me! How fantastic are other runners at races?

Back at the hotel we heated up the dinner of Lemon Chicken, Broccoli and Pasta we brought from home in the microwave and then settled in for the night.

SATURDAY– 5/18/2012

The alarm went of way too early. T was doing the 10K which started before the half marathon which started before the marathon which…anyways, we had to get to the Fargo Dome bright and early to park and get T to the start line of her race.

True us fashion, the morning started with “I can’t find my bib and chip for the 10K!” from T and then I clogged the toilet. We are truly special. Truly. We did make it out the door, dressed, with our bibs on, chips on and even wearing running shoes.

Parking was easy and we parked right near the start. Maybe it’s because we were there so EARLY. We got there at 6something ungodly a.m. There was time to use the bathroom, stare and lament the rain, wander, wonder why, jump, stare again, and then look at all the bibs and question if we got the start right. Finally I sent T to the start line and she was off. Hubby headed to a few blocks out to cheer and I just stood there wishing her the best race ever.

While T was in her starting coral, I randomly ran into another MN Running Wild runner, Jason B who was going to take on the full after his evening of carbo loading on Pabst Beer. I knew from the outset he’d go fast on that stuff as its quality can’t be beat.

Then it was time for me to line up. I hit the outside air, ready to run. The road was about to be my friend. Fargo, here I come again! I set up at the finish est. 2:00 area of the coral. I knew I could go between 2 and 2:04 the way I was feeling. I felt AWESOME, FANTASTIC, SUPER. When the music came on, I bobbed. I may not be fast, but I was running. I had been out for a long time and here I was running! YEAH. No broken nothing was holding me back!

And then it was time to run. It took about a minute and a half to get to the start line. The crowd was crazy thick! It was OK though as there was crackling excitement throughout everyone. Everyone was there to run. Along the edges people were hooting and hollaring and cheering. It was great. I turned on my own music, and started running.

How did it go?

Here I am when I am feeling superfly!

Further in, but still doing OK!


Mile 1: Pace 9:17 — I felt great. I was looking around, seeing the crowd, hearing the music, loosening up my legs.

Mile 2: Pace 9:15– Woohoo!

Mile 3: 9:16–  I felt really good at this speed. I was smiling. I knew I had this.

Mile 4: 9:14 Still holding just right. Still Feeling FANTABULOUS!

Mile 5: 9:16 Wow, I should be a pacer…this is easy peasy. woohoo!

Mile 6: 9:15  GOT THIS! I SO GOT THIS!

Mile 7: 9:44 Oh crap.  My foot. Damnit. (I stopped and rubbed it) then ‘ignored’ it and ran…

Mile 8: 10:26 OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW limp/walk/limp/walk (tears)

Mile 9: 9:46 screw this I’m RUNNING OW OW OW OW OW

Mile 10: 10:23 No, no I’m not. limp run/walk limp/run OW OW OW/limp walk cry. run rinse repeat.

Mile 11: 11:21 The pain got worse.  I continued my ‘run omg I need to limp, walk omg I need to run’

Mile 12: 13:32 repeat the above with someone stabbing you in the foot again and again.

Mile 13: 12:01 I’M ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE ouch. =X

Mile 0.26: 8:56  I switched to a heel strike here and tried to book it – taking the pressure off but moving very awkwardly as I’m a ball of the foot striker.

It may look like determination on my face…it’s actually pain, and there are tears in my eyes- of pain and frustration. This is right before the finish.

So what happened with my 2 hour 1/2 marathon? It wasn’t a two hour half that’s for sure. I crossed the finish line a little over 2:15 and was pulled by medics due to ‘falling’ to the side on the bad foot. I got it iced and wrapped and then got my medals and was sent on my merry way.

Did I have fun? Yes! I had a blast– Up until mile 7, it was absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had running. There were bands all over playing funky music, everything from polka to rock ‘n roll. The crowds were amazingly supportive, yelling, cheering, ringing bells, blowing whistles, holding signs, blasting radios, blowing bubbles,handing out candy– serious awesome going on in Fargo! There were porta potties every 2 miles…aid stations every 3 miles…I mean COME ON! Best race ever!

Am I bummed about my finish time? Definitely. Am I bummed about my foot? Absolutely. However, I’ll be back to do Fargo again and hopefully I’ll be up and running again shortly so will be able to get vengeance on another half this summer.  For now, I just have to let it go and do what a runner friend said (Thanks Joe!) — say I did a really long 10K. Since I AM OK with my 10K in that race, I guess I’m OK with that.

How’d T do? Her “easy” 10K ended with her getting 8th in her division. Fantabulous as usual. She’s just a kick butt teenage girl. She can’t help it.

We both completed the GO FAR challenge at Fargo this weekend. Here’s the GO FAR Swag for the 5K/Half Marathon:

Not to shabby right?

I’ll be back next year. It won’t be hard to beat my time!

Shoes: Saucony Hattori

Happy Running!


3 thoughts on “Fargo Weekend, GO FAR Challenge! Uff Da?!

  1. Great job! Love the post, and you still have a great time considering your foot. You made this race sound really fun, I might have to think about it for next year!!

    • You so should Jasmine! The support for Fargo is so amazing- people there get so into it and it spills onto the runners. The energy is so high, you can’t help but be giddy before, during and even after.
      SO FUN =]

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