Photo shoot, Running, Shopping — I must be loved.

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend and we all know what that means! The men take off fishing.
I kid, I kid. Well, for my family anyways.

This a.m. I woke up to sunshine, and a sunshiny daughter who was ready to run at her momma’s pace. YES! Have I mentioned lately how much I love running with T? Not only was she ready to run, but we held a photo shoot too…with my new Mother’s Day running outfit. Yeah, I got new running gear for mothers day. Check out the photo’s my lovely lady snapped below:

Wait…what do you want me to do??

Sure, I can pose in front of the tree!

Why yes, I am a model.

OK can I move away from the tree now?




Keep going!

OK! Now let’s go run!

And we did. I actually went in and switched to my pace gloves (we were headed to the trail), got Ms. Garmin, and we headed out for a 4 miler together taking the trail near home. It was an A-1 run. I’m pretty sure that I have some sort of lopsided goofy smile when I run with T…at least when she goes my pace. When she accidentally speeds up and I have to keep up I have more of a canine look, tongue hanging out, panting, eyes bulging- well, you get the picture. That only happened once today, on the hill leading home. I actually enjoyed the challenge (sort of) and when she finally realized I was MIA and held up with her concerned look- yeah, I love that girl.

After running we hit up the MOA for some dress shopping. T is moving up from middle school to high school! We conquered the Mall in 3:30:36 including a nice dinner at Tony Roma’s, missing only shoes to match the dress we found. I say it was a win.

Today was a favorite. I got to spend it with the love of my life, my daughter. Tomorrow is Mother’s day. That means another Mother Daughter run. How spoiled am I?

Happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s, Foster Mom’s, Adopted Mom’s, Friends who are like a Mom’s, Raising me like a Mom’s out there! You are all really really special.  Happy day to all the kids (and grown kids) who make us Moms. Love to all of you who are missing your Moms! And of course…Happy Running!


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