Mother’s Day…Trail Run and a BBQ, for ME!

Happy Happy Happy Mother’s Day! I love Mother’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate me! I like me so this is fun. It’s especially fun because it means spending time with the love of my life, my daughter!

This morning we hit the trails of the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. T is awesome to run with, she keeps a positive attitude and likes to point out interesting stuff on the trail like horse poo and caterpillars. She also mentions if I’m drooping too much and then cheers me up by telling me I look good when I finally get up straight. Who else has their own cheerleader?

We had a Mommy/Daughter Photo Shoot with Dad manning the camera– prepare for a series of shots because we know how to work it; and did.Trust me, this is just a sampling…we actually took off running after the photo shoot and did a Mother’s Day 10K on the trails landing back at a BBQ that Dad was preparing for us. Fresh berries and banana’s were on the table, and chicken and asparagus were on the grill. Yum! Happy Momma’s Day indeed.

All in all, perfect and just what I wanted for Mother’s Day.   I couldn’t ask for anything more. My family is truly special.

Shoe report for today:
I used my lavender Merrell Pace Gloves on the trail. I did consider busting out the NB Minimus for this run, but I grabbed the tried and true instead. As usual they were perfect. I really love the pace glove on uneven trail surfaces.

T was using her Saucony Kinvara’s (the originals) which she loves. When I asked how they perform on the trail she said “Good, they have good ankle support for uneven surfaces”  *Note: she uses these for road running also and loves them as an all around shoe. T chose not to get the Kinvara 2’s as she didn’t like the design change but is considering the 3’s.


Happy Momma’s Day and Happy Running!



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