I’m so directionally dyslexic it’s funny! Sort of.

I had the day off work yesterday so of course I went running! I was planning on going between 6-8 miles but really had no destination in mind and wanted to test ‘ignore the garmin and just run’

The weather was beautiful! Wow, I lucked out. Sunny, mild breeze, 60’s and no humidity whatsoever. Heavenly. I put on the Hattori’s as I knew they missed me after my time in the NB’s and made my way out the door at about 8am. I put Ms. Garmin on for mileage purposes but promised myself not to peek at all.

I headed down for Shepard Rd as I really like that area to run and figured I needed to put a few road miles on. I have issues in the beginning of every run…I tend to think “huh, my butt hurts maybe I’ll only do a mile today and try again tomorrow”; “OMG TIGHT CALVES…I should just go home” after a mile or two everything loosens up and I’m cruising. I have to remind myself that and just run through the give-ups.

I used music for this run, plugged into one ear, the playlist not my favorite but some fun songs anyways and by the time I got to “Sexy and I know it” (Right?) I was in the comfort zone feeling as though I could run forever. I really, really, really wanted to check Ms. Garmin as I felt as though I was on cloud nine FLYING. My breathing was steady, legs were loose. I made a promise though so I just kept running.

I lost track of time.

I lost track of where I was.

I just kept running.

I found myself having to poop. And not knowing where I was. I’m talking the serious “gonna crap my pants” type of gotta go. I kept running. I knew I was in an urban area, bathrooms had to be nearby somewhere. I saw the familiar Fort Snelling Buildings looming. YES, Bathrooms! The Visitor Center was closed. There was a man by the chapel…I was pretty clench butted by this point when I asked him where I could find a bathroom. He told me about some porta potties by a ball field. I’ve been in bad porta potties. These were the grossest porta potties ever.  Just sayin. I felt better though.

I headed back for Fort Snelling and decided I’d run there for awhile and landed on a bike path. The bike path lead to Pike Island. Oh, yay! One of my favorite places EVER to run! I started to run the Pike loop and halfway around I realized I was really thirsty. My tongue was like sandpaper. All I had were some Honey Stingers in my bra. No liquid. I ate the stingers and trudged on knowing the visitors center was at the end of the loop and it had a fountain. Yuck, I felt YUCKY. I was no longer flying. I was flumping, dragging, drooping, wilting. Whatever. I was far away from home, thirsty, and what the heck did I get myself into. There snuck that negative talk… I tried to beat it out “GO! You’re AWESOME! GO” Whatever, you’re thirsty, why the heck didn’t you bring water? Why did you go so far from home? You still have to go HOME! HOW do you get home from here you nimrod.

I at least knew the Pike loop…it’s a loop…so I got to the visitors center and had a blessed drink or 20 and then studied a map which I couldn’t read (that dyslexia thing again) and then headed out to find the bike path that brought me there in the first place. I must have landed on it because I got back to Fort Snelling, and from there back to Shepard by site and signs that somehow I missed on the way there? How the heck.

On Shepard my feet were starting to hurt. Not fatigue…I could feel some sort of irritation like burning or something. The skin hurt. They felt raw. I wanted to sit down. I wanted to be done.

I tuned out and listened to the music.

My MP3 player died.

I distracted myself from my feet by waving at cars and making funny faces.

I saw my house- OMG my house! I made a half-butted attempt at a sprint. I stopped Ms. Garmin. Looked finally at the distance…HOLY HECK 12.5 miles. Oops and Yay all in one.

I chugged a shake then hopped in the bath.

My feet? The balls of my feet have BLISTERS. This is something I did not encounter when barefoot running. So — I’m on the hunt for new socks, blister remedies, and blister prevention.

This is the second time this has happened on a shoe run. The first being a 10 mile ‘wet’ run.  HELP my feet hurt.


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