Shoes. I got some new ones. Again. They’re NEON.

If you’ve been playing along, you already know that the Barefoot Dashes and I didn’t get along. My feet are actually still playing catch up from whatever evil was inside of those. Seriously, it was only a 4+ miler and I tore the skin on my foot- I never did that completely barefoot, even in some nasty conditions.  The Dashes are now back at REI.

Shoe 2 which I delightfully ordered upon realizing that I could just have doubles of a good shoe came in the mail the other day…the beautiful blue/citron Saucony Hattori. However, I ordered the wrong size. Yeah, I really did. How? I’m not really sure. All I know is I clicked a half size lower than I am. Those are now in a box on the way back to DSW hopefully to be exchanged for a bigger pair.

There I sat with my same ol’ same ol’ sets of shoes…two pairs of pace gloves and one pair of hattoris. What’s a girl to do? Get some shoes and get out of this slump that’s what!

I decided I was going to try the Zem 360 and since Bloomington REI was the only place that carried them, that’s where we went. Wow, $60 for a water sock with an oddly placed seam. Boo! Boo! Boo! Then a light, an angelic light…it was my daughter, holding neon green shoes.

What were these? New Balance Minimus? Yuck! I hate those. I have some NB Minimus 10 Roads rotting in my closet. They are like odd rocking mattress pads.  I shook my head. I scrunched my nose, my forehead. I clucked.

She tried them on.

They were hot.

I asked for my size.

Wow. They felt good. They were flexible. And thin. And light. And wait…there was no cushioning. Was this love? I took them home.

NB Minimus

Today, I took them for a test run. I tried them without socks but the tongue of the shoe made me unhappy so I opted to don covers.

Loose lacing makes these even more comfy. If I was wearing colored socks- you’d be able to see them through the mesh upper. — they’re that thin.

Ready to go, I realized I was missing something that all the other running blogs put up. The LOOK I’m going running photo. So for your pleasure– here you go:

I had to do contortionist style to fit the shoes and my head into the mirror, not to mention I didn’t realize how hard it was to actually take a picture of yourself in a mirror- KUDO’S TEENAGE YOUTH OF AMERICA!

Now to the run…in these really bright shoes!

I was going for a nice easy run today and these shoes did NOT want to be easy. It felt very similar to nothing- minus the ground feel (I can actually feel the ground better in my Hattori’s now that I’ve worn them down). They were whispery light. They flexed with every move of my feet. I was really pleased. I felt no smoosh at all. Just ground. Soft when on grass, hard when on sidewalk, I felt the divots. I just couldn’t feel the jab of a rock. No odd rubbing/seams/stuff like that but this was a pretty short run. Again I kept it at about 4.5 miles.As far as the easy running? Well, I ended up being about 30sec/mi faster than planned- neon green doesn’t like going too slow.

Here is the obligatory post run sweaty picture.

and post run shoes:

So far so good! Most likely I’ll take them for another spin tomorrow…and maybe do a long run with them this weekend. Then I’ll decide whether or not they’ll join the shoe crew. For now my slant is towards the WELCOME TO THE FAM GREEN RACERS!

Happy Running!


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