Down and Dirty 8K

Race Report Time! Everybody stop and do a happy dance, this is a favorite right?

Today was the Down and Dirty 8K, an all woman trail race held out at Lake Elmo Park Reserve put on by Maxwell Fitness.Both the fabo daughter and I ran this one.

We got up nice and early to make sure we got out to the park on time. The usual chaos went on in our house as we dressed, did the bathroom business, packed and repacked running bags (I know, I know-do it the night before), and tried to get the heck out the door. Somewhat close to when we planned, we did, we were even dressed to run…running shoes and all.

Packet pickup was at the park and the entry fee covered the park pass (usually $5) so all people had to do was pull up to the ranger station and grab a sticker for their car, then continue on following the signs to the parking area next to the ski shack where packet pickup was going on. This was easy peasy and we had no difficulty with it at all.

It was drizzling when we got to the race. I knew the forecast had said there was a 10% chance of precipitation so I spent some time lamenting the weather, the weatherman, my weather app, and anything else related to the word “weather”.

Daughter and I yogged through the drizzle to pick up our bibs and shirts. This was also a breeze. So far so good. The shirts were Born Fit brand and women’s cut. Baby blue with the race name on the front. No sponsorship information. Very cute and they even had xs! My bib number was 123.  I don’t even need to say anything about that…right?

Before the race…Bib 123!

Daughter warmed up for about 15 minutes while I did a much weaker warm up of a couple laps around the parking lap and then we headed for the start line which was now swarming with women.  We really didn’t have to wait long. The race started very close to ontime. We were given a debriefing on divebombing helicopters that were in the area taking out mosquito’s with crushed corn which delayed the start by about 5mins.

Listening to the spiel about the dive bombing helicopters at the start line.

Then it was go time!

The race was fantastic! Trails really are special. Whenever you start to get bored, you trip which is really distracting. If you slow down, someone catches you and since it’s narrow you have to speed up in order to not feel like you’re clogging the lane. Huff up hills, speed down hills, try not to fall, keep your shoes from getting stuck in the mud as you’d like to have them with when you finish…you don’t even have time to check your garmin and realize that the finish is RIGHT THERE..OMG- really? It’s OVER?  I want to do it again!

Here’s the daughter finishing up– and an example of an awesome trail race picture. She finished in the top 5!

Here’s me finishing up..and an example of a not so great trail race picture; But hey, I made it into the top 10 so I’ll take it!

I finished the Down and Dirty 8K in 41:50 according to Ms. Garmin. My avg. pace was 8:30min/mi

At the end there was much happiness, yummy baked goodies, laughter, and joy. I even got to meet another MN Running Wild Member, Lisa W-B, who gave me some strength training tips. I also ran into a longtime barefoot friend- Cynthia S who ran quite a bit of this race with her tootsies free.

My awesome hubby took pictures of all the down and dirty ladies as they crossed the finish — those are now up on the races face book page.  I’ll definitely do this race again next year. I enjoyed the low key atmosphere and the fun afterwards almost as much as the race itself!

RACE RESULTS (note: I got 8th place!!)

Shoes: Merrell Pace Gloves.  They love mud.

Happy Running!


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