Racing Fits!

I know what you’re thinking…not THAT kind of fit, racing OUTfits! I went shopping and got me some new running wearables.

I have a few races coming up so felt fully justified in getting more than one set of duds to wear on the courses. For the Down and Dirty Trail Race this coming weekend I’ll wear something in the current running stash, but after that watch for these bright and flashy’s tearing up a road near you.

The fam and I hit up multiple running/athletic stores including but not limited too The Running Room (hey, Running Room, time to update to summer gear! you lost a sale), REI, Sports Authority, and Dicks Sporting Goods. We didn’t make it to my favorite spot (Run ‘n Fun) as they were closed by the time we were out in the burbs, but as we live nearby, I’ll hit them up during the week to get a new sports bra and some socks!  The clothes were ultimately purchased at Dick’s as they had the most affordable and best options.

My daughter and I love looking at and trying on running clothes so this trip was not a short one…We were in and out of those dressing rooms multiple times. Unfortunately, not having won a lottery or some cool running shopping spree…I had to pick just a couple items. Daughter couldn’t choose and chose to defer until later notice. I walked out with these:


Unfortunately, even though the above outfit looks like it is an awesome match…it really doesn’t match at all. Sad right? I mean, it could match I suppose if I just ACTED like it did. But really, it doesn’t. I promise. So…I’m still looking for a shirt to match that running skirt…

Next outfit…which will most likely show up in Fargo in a few weeks:

This DOES match despite how it looks…in fact, it looks fantastic together. I wanted to run out of the dressing room which made me quite excited to don it in a race. YAY NEW RUNNING CLOTHES!

Both skirts are comfy and have pockets to put my honey stingers into, both have the nice little built in shorts/bun huggers, both are silky soft, and both are bright. This is love.

Both shirts as you can see say “Running Wild”, I thought this a fair tribute to the kick butt group of MN Running Wild who has been an awesome support system for the past year or so. I mean talk about an inspiring group of people! Crazy positive all the time and always encouraging each other. Again…this is love.

Happy Running!


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