New Shoes…Fail, or Win?

So I bought the Merrell Barefoot Dash shoes… and I admit they are hot shoes. Very pretty, on and off my feet. When I tried them on at REI, I immediately said, “these are so mine!” both from looks and comfort. Yeah, they are soft! I was a touch concerned about the stiff feel compared to my pace gloves and the cushioning but I figured on the road the cushioning might be welcomed so I’d give it a shot.

I wore the shoes barefoot but there was an odd seam lining the toe area so I ended up donning some thin socks instead and then hit the road. The good news: I did my fastest 4 1/2 miles since breaking my foot. Seriously, I was F-L-Y-I-N-G. Was it the shoes? I don’t know! I’m pretty sure it was the pain I was feeling in my feet as they were blistering…yeah, even on this short run they were BLISTERING from some sort of scraping they were doing on the shoe. I adjusted the laces, I felt along the inside, but Ugh. the stiff upper and the rubby seam– these have to go back.  I was very conscious of the smoosh and potentially running differently than normal causing me to rub. I’m just not sure. All I know is I was running fast to get home and get OUT of these shoes. Too bad as they are very, very, hot shoes.  For all the “issues” of the Saucony Hattori’s- they have never, ever caused me to attempt to escape them or even caused strange blistering.

While I was going to attempt to find and try new shoes again…the race season is here and my funds want to go to races…I love to race! My Merrell Pace gloves are tried and true on the trails and my Saucony Hattori’s are tried and true on the road. They may not be the best shoes I can use but for now, they’re the shoes I trust.

I have two pairs of pace gloves…lavender and black. I’m not worried about them lasting. They seem to be sturdy after hundreds of trail miles and hose downs. If they tear, I’ll duck tape them. I have one pair of hattori’s- not sure on the lasting power of those. The mileage is getting high and they still look good. I’ll order a second pair as a ‘just in case’ and toss them into the rotation. I’m thinking this color:


So even though the new shoe’s failed…I’m going to call this experiment a WIN due to the fact that I DID find that I want to commit to my current shoes for now and train in those until further notice or until someone tells me that some shoe’s are so amazing that I really have no choice but to try them out.

There you have it. The above Hattori’s will join this crew:

1: Saucony Hattori and 2 sets of  Merrell Pace Glove

Happy Running!


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