Longing for new shoes = Probably buying new shoes = yeah, I’m going shopping for new shoes.

Since breaking my foot, transitioning from barefoot to shoes, etc I’ve been whining about the fact that I only have 2 sets of shoes to run in- Merrell Pace Gloves for the trail and Saucony Hattori’s for the road. I have beefs with each of them, even though they do the job they’re supposed to.

First let me say I’m lucky I have the Hattori’s- I got them for free. They are much better on the road than the Pace Gloves, so thank you Marathon Sports! Now the beef: the Saucony Hattori’s have some sort of funky cushion or something right where I want to feel the ground, though the more miles I put on them, the more that’s breaking down. My toes also sometimes hurt after a long run in the Hattori’s and I even ended up with a bloody one after Goldy’s 10mile. That’s never happened to me running barefoot, though I did get a nasty bruise at the Muscle Milk Woodsy.

The Merrell Pace Gloves rub my achilles because of that stupid scrunch thing in the back and sometimes get a little tight when my feet swell. They seem to have some sort of post in the arch area, though they say there’s no arch support. The feeling disappears as you run, but it’s there when you put them on and I don’t like that. Other than that, as long as they’re used on trail surfaces they’re pretty dang awesome.

This brings me to looking for some new shoes to try. Shoes are expensive. That means I can’t try them all. I looked high and low for some awesome road running shoes to replace/supplement my Hattori’s as those have the most issues currently and I need some good road shoes for Ragnar. Vivobarefoot has great shoes but holy wow on the $ and I can’t try before I buy. Don’t even mention the NB Minimus — those suck, I own and am going to donate those. Same with the Nike Free’s. I use Free’s for walking when I want some cush. I could never run in something so fat.   Innov-8 and Altra — cool! $$/no try before buy. Ugh.

The ones I really really want to try as they look incredibly sleek and promising are Skora’s  — both the Base and the Form are serious hotness. These are the most expensive of all though. Maybe when I’m done with school and have my new job at the NIH, I’ll peg those kickin shoes.

Skora Base– Aren’t these H-O-T?!

So which ones am I about to go pick up? I’m going to head to REI (you know, the place you can give the shoes a test run and bring ’em back if they suck) and pick up some Merrell Barefoot Run Dash Gloves. A mouthful sure, but supposedly good on the road and comfy on the feet.  I’m looking forward to trying them and definitely getting the bright orange color just because I can. I’ll let you know how they feel once they’re on my feet and I’ve put a few miles on.
Merrell Dash Glove, not as hot as the Skora, but it will do…

I am craving a little bit of naked footing so during my normal runs I’ll probably kick the shoes off for a couple miles and let my tootsies be free. This is for fun only, not training and my races from here on out presumably will be shod.  I’m enjoying being able to look around and not at the ground.

So, here’s to new shoes!  After that, I’ll be on the hunt for a race outfit for Fargo…


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