What a good run feels like!

This weekend’s long run took us to Lake Elmo to hit the trails. We scheduled a BBQ post run and attempted to invite people who inevitable couldn’t come. Luckily, T and I both hooked running buddy’s and the hubby agreed to grill.

Why Lake Elmo? Selfish reason’s really. My next race is on the trail out there and I wanted a preview so why not schedule a long run out there right? Unfortunately directions and I don’t get along so really, I don’t think we ended up doing the course anyways. That’s besides the point though.

Upon arrival I bought a one year park pass as I knew I’d be doing a lot of trails this year and that pass is good at more than just Lake Elmo. For $25 I can go to multiple parks and use the trails. We brought T’s running buddy with us and mine was waiting for me in the parking lot at the trail head.

We couldn’t find a spot to grill so that took up a bit of time and then finally hubby released us and said to find him when we were done. I figured we’d smell the grill and aim that way so we were off.

OH WOW BEAUTIFUL! The trails were well groomed and the air was cool and crisp. It was so nice to go from grass, to gravel, to sand, to mud, and back again. From flat to hill, to jump, dodge and just RUN. Something about running trails is so very freeing. We definitely didn’t follow any sort of real direction and just kind of went “turn this way” and once and awhile looked at the map to reorient.

After about 7.5 miles we headed in the direction of the trail head as we knew we had to find the food at least (and we were OMG THIRSTY). We finally saw them through a clearing and ended the run at a touch over 9.5 miles strong. What a beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous trail run!

My running partner was wonderful, smiling, talking and just a blast to run with! I hope we can hook up and run frequently. Don’t you love when you find that type of compatibility? It was her first time on the trails and she just ran…and ran…and smiled and flew over those hills and smiled again. It was awesome!

We got to the food when we were done and the much faster teenagers were already done eating (multiple plates apparently!) We dug in to chicken, hamburgers, salad, banana’s, and chips…and WATER. I thought the water was the best at first because wow, thirst much? 

It’s runs like this, the good ones, that make you crave running with everything you’ve got. It makes the bad runs all the more sucky because you’re always reaching for those good runs. This was a good run.

Shoes: Pace Gloves (trail!)


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