Trail Run and Fight with a Bear!

Last night I hit the trail near home with my daughter. It was raining so the trail was gloriously muddy and made an awesome slurpy noise when we hit the deep mud spots.

T led the way as I’m directionally dyslexic (and she’s way faster than me) and we cruised through the gorgeous terrain, slurping, sloshing, and talking. Every once and awhile we’d duck or dodge the random bent trees blocking our way. It was fantastic.

I really didn’t fight a bear like the title says, though that sure sounds better than the truth! I was wearing a visor to keep the rain off my glasses (didn’t feel like popping the contacts in!) and was watching my footing versus the area ahead and BAM! I ran face first into one of those bent trees I mentioned above.

I stood there stunned for a bit until T noticed there were no longer footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw me. I’m sure I looked great, open mouth, dazed, glasses off and in my hand, staring at the tree like “what just happened here?”

“Mom, you’re bleeding!”

I gave a cross-eyed look at my nose and saw the blood dripping down it. I wanted to say “neat” but it hurt and I was still a bit out of it. Instead I said “I ran into a tree”

There was an offer to turn back, but as I AM a runner, and runners run- instead, I wiped the blood onto my gloves, and figured the rain would do the rest. Popped my (now crooked) glasses back on and we continued on the trail. T was quite loud on the “duck!” from there on out.

Back home, T took a couple pics for me to share with the world:

Front view

Side View

What did I learn?
1) Wear contacts while running.
2) Don’t wear a visor on the trail…it blocks the view of stuff that might be important.
3) Duck.

I still had a great time!

Shoes used: Merrel Pace Gloves — great for the trail!
Note: These are really easy to get mud off of via hose or washing machine and dry really really fast!




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