Goldy’s 10 Mile 2012

Holy Hills Batman! Now that I got that out of the way, lets start the race report on Goldy’s 10 mile held this past Saturday 4/14/2012 at the lovely University of Minnesota.

I work across from TCF stadium so packet pickup was as easy as walking across a parking lot. I could see how people would get a bit perturbed if they were coming on their breaks or making a special trip in though as it was quite a madhouse in the DQ Room. Lines were long, volunteers were flustered, the 10 mile shirts were MIA (at the start of the day– they showed up later). It was just mass confusion. I left and came back to get the 10 mile shirts for all the people I was picking up for and even then, they couldn’t locate the women’s smalls so I had to come back yet again. The volunteers were at least smiling off and on through the madness- props to them as people weren’t always friendly!

What’d you get with packet pickup? You got a super cool cinch bag, a long sleeve performance shirt, some coupons and stuff, chapstick and rubber band bracelet…you also get your bib and chip. The bib even has your name on it if you registered early enough. Cool right? I know.


Super cool cinch bag from Goldy’s packet pick up.


Stock photo of the shirts we got for running the 10 mile at Goldy’s

Moving right along to race day:

My daughter and I were both running Goldy’s 10 mile so we got out the house with our normal morning chaos wearing running gear and garmins ready to go. It was a chilly 45 degrees out but we knew it was going to warm up shortly to a sunny 70 so we dressed for the heat vs the cold. I chopped some hanes socks and made throwaway arm warmers as I was chilly. Other than that it was no sleeves and capri’s. My young lady went for shorts and a T shirt with a long sleeve she could push up or take off.

We parked without too much trouble as we knew a short cut through the campus bypassing the long lines and worst of the traffic. Bathroom breaks in my office building and then to the start line. My daughter, who is incredibly fast, decided to use this as an LSD and stick by her slow mom as she was scheduled for a track meet Monday (today).  We set up with the 10:30 pacer (Tina!) and were off!


While the pace was “OK” we soon deemed it too slow even for me and so we picked up a little bit until it was still talking pace for her and ok for me. Then came hill after hill after hill after hill – I mean really? Who knew that the area was this hilly? Where did all these hills COME FROM? I enjoyed the downs but it seemed like way too many ups.

I held on thanks to my daughter cheerleading. Cheerlead she did (have I mentioned how awesome my kid is?!)  She steadily paced me up all those hills. At mile 7 when I wanted to give she just smiled and said “relax your arms and breathe, you’re doing awesome!” and what could I do but keep going? The worst hill was at mile 7.5 and seemed to stretch about a half a mile. It didn’t go flat again until mile 9. Ridiculous course. Ridiculous in that I feel great to have conquered it even though my running has been basically nil since mid December and then bang– once that boot came off I’m KILLING IT!  Even if I’m slow, at least I’m out there.



I finished Goldy’s 10 mile in 1:42.
Shoes: Saucony Hattori’s
Issues: Mild Right sided hamstring tugging on the year long hill by the pedestrian bridge. Seems to be resolved.

Next race: Down and Dirty 8K Trail Race at Lake Elmo!  Probable shoes: Merrell Pace Gloves


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