Running Opener 10K

I feel obligated to state that at this race I was only 3 weeks out of a boot for a broken foot. Was the broken foot running related? Maybe…maybe not. It wasn’t really determined. I had also had a seizure and kicked a wall, then ran on the injured foot. What broke it? What came first the chicken or the egg? You decide.

Anyways- my times are slow. They will improve later. I supposedly don’t care but obviously I do or I wouldn’t have told you about the broken foot! My cardio is more broken than my foot was after all the time in the boot (as you’ll see in the race report below)

Final Stretch Running Opener 10K 4/7/2012.Shoes used: Saucony Hattoris.  2 Laps around the lovely Lake Phalen in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

My 14 year old daughter and I both signed up for this and after the usual morning struggle got out the door, dressed in our running best to arrive nice and early.

It was COLD out. As in lower 40’s. Everyone was standing around shivering when we got to Phalen (including us). My favorite announcer was there as this was a Charities Challenge race– Gary Westlund. He brings the most positive energy to any race. If you ever get a chance to go to a race he’s at, DO IT!

I knew that I was taking a risk doing a 10K this soon out of the boot so I lined up with a pace crew near the back along side the lovely Melissa Eibner, who ended up being a fantastic cheerleader for the race.

Melissa and I ended up falling in line next to each other, moving up just ahead of the 9:40 pace group and staying there for most of the race. She really encouraged me and whenever I felt as though I was having a cardio fail, there was Melissa with words to get over the hump. And a hump there was!  Hey, why did no-one warn me of the wicked hill on the east side of Phalen? That thing was beyond a beast. It was the devil itself. It roared up at me, spit at me, grabbed me and tried to cause me to fail at even finishing this race. EVIL EVIL HILL. I’m lucky I’m good at downhills or I would have finished after everyone went home. See? My blood pressure just went up there.

Moving along. The first lap around went GREAT. We felt good, we did great, our time was fantastic. The second lap? Yeah, that hill. Wow. Here comes the 9:40 pace group. There goes the 9:40 pace group. Oh, I tried. Oh, cardio fail. Uh Oh. Asthma Attack. COUGH COUGH. RUN RUN. COUGH COUGH. pull off. COUGH COUGH. Grrrrrr. RUN!

Did I finish? Yes. Not in the time I would have liked. And really, it was my slowest 10K ever, but I finished. I finished in 1:01. Ms. Garmin told me the course was 6.35mi long and my pace averaged 9:37min/mi

I’m ok with that. But I’ll beat that time to a pulp next time. A bloody pulp.

PS: My daughter finished in her Saucony Kinavara’s and got 2nd in her age group going “slow” (she’s in track right now and didn’t want to push her self). I love that girl!

Sooo…. using the Hattori’s did I have any post race issues? Nope. According the pictures my form was good. My body felt good and besides the cardio fail, I seemed to do “ok”

So far, my transition is going well.

Next up: Goldy’s 10mile. When? Tomorrow 4/14/2012
Shoes: Saucony Hattori
Pace group planned: 11:0 or 10:30 (undecided as of yet)


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