Oddity to the Barefoot/Minimal community

I started running barefoot because I didn’t own running shoes and I wanted to run. I wanted to run because I wanted to quit smoking. I wanted to quit smoking because it was bad for me. See the progression here?

I ran alone for a long time, enjoying running. When I ventured out onto the sidewalks I finally ended up going shoe shopping, but there was nothing there for me. All the shoes were very heavy and clunky in comparison to my feet.

When I finally realized there was a running community out there (thank you facebook!) I signed up for a race. I started running in daylight hours vs. 4am. People saw my feet. Bare. On the ground. Running. Apparently I was running this way because of a book that I hadn’t heard of or read. I was a hippie. I was part of a fad. I hated people who wore shoes.

To say I was confused was an understatement. On facebook suddenly I was friended by multiple people with barefeet and even hit on by creepy men who had barefoot fetishes. I learned that indeed the barefoot community DID hate people who wear shoes…though they themselves wore shoes called “minimal shoes” and “barefoot shoes” and “five finger shoes”. I thank them for helping me find shoes as these minimal shoes are absolutely a joy to run in!

I am now a barefooter transitioning to shoes. I can run faster, further and don’t have to watch the ground for acorns in these fancy minimal shoes.

What am I currently using?  I use the Saucony Hattori on the road and Merrel Pace Glove on trail. I’d love to try some different shoes, like the Skora (which look awesome) so if anyone has tried them and think they’re worth checking out- let me know!

Last summer I gave the Teva Zilch a shot and they were decent, though now I like just walking in them and the velcro glue wore off way to quickly. I did try on some five fingers but my toes felt very squished in the pockets– not very ‘free’ and I like free toes.

Yes, I’ll still run with my feet naked on and off as it’s fun. But that’s it- I’ll do it for fun. For races and distance, from here on out I’m no longer naked. Yay shoes!

Here’s to my journey transitioning from barefoot to shod.


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